Joint Committee for reunifying the Central Bank meets in Benghazi

A significant stride towards the unification of the Central Bank of Libya was made earlier this week. The joint committee assigned by the Central Bank in Tripoli and its counterpart established in Benghazi during the political division convened to discuss the initial procedures for evaluating payment systems and reunifying the organizational structure.

This coordination effort involved various departments within the Bank and adhered to a previously agreed-upon timetable. The meeting, held at the headquarters of the Central Bank of Libya in Benghazi city, marked a pivotal moment. Deputy Governor Marai Al-Barasi was in attendance, along with the president and members of the committee tasked with completing the project to reunify the Central Bank of Libya.

The discussions primarily revolved around the completion of efforts to reunify the Central Bank and the relevant departments and units. The committee also deliberated on evaluating payment systems and unifying the organizational structure, which are seen as crucial steps toward achieving that goal.

This meeting signified a promising start to a series of discussions aimed at strengthening Libya’s banking sector. The outcomes of these discussions are eagerly anticipated by stakeholders and are expected to have far-reaching implications for Libya’s financial landscape.


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