Judiciary Council: Libya wins lawsuits filed against the state overseas

The Lawsuits Administration of the Supreme Judiciary Council has announced that its litigation committee has saved Libya a financial loss worth 69 million dollars.

The Lawsuits Administration said the amount was going to be paid as a compensation demanded by a lawsuit filed by Turkish Çukurova company’s owner at the Paris International Commercial Court against the state of Libya, claiming Libya had broken contract terms.

The Lawsuits Administration also said it had saved the Libyan state 690.000 Libyan dinars from the verdict of Abu Dhabi Appeals Court for Al-Ain media foundation for selling artistic work to Libya TV channel in 2001 and 2004.

“The Abu Dhabi court annulled the verdict and dropped the lawsuit, obliging Al-Ain foundation to pay for the lawsuit and attorneys’ fees and ordered the appeal money be returned to the appealing party, which was made on behalf of the Libyan state.” The Lawsuits Administration said in a statement on Facebook.


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