Justice Minister: No Libyan prisoners will be left in foreign jails

The Libyan Minister of Justice, Halima Ibrahim, said the extradition of prisoners’ agreement between Libya and Italy will include all Libyans jailed in Italy, including the “families accused of illegal immigration.”

The Minister added in a statement on her Facebook page that the Libyan Ministry of Justice was working on signing agreements similar to the one with Italy with foreign and Arab countries so that no Libyan national is left imprisoned abroad.

Libya and Italy signed on Friday an agreement of prisoners extradition to serve their jail terms in their country of origin. The signing came on the sidelines of the 20th anniversary of the Convention against Transnational Organized Crime.

Italian NOVA news agency said the agreement between Libya and Italy would allow inmates to serve their jail terms in their country, saying the agreement would include the Benghazi football players who had been in prison in Italy since 2015.

Benghazi footballers: Alaa Al-Maghrabi from Al-Ahly Benghazi club, Abdelrahman Abdelmonsef and Tariq Jumua Al-Amami from Al-Tahadi Benghazi Club, and Mohammed Al-Said from Tripoli, were convicted in Italy’s courts of human trafficking in 2015.

While the Minister of Justice reiterated – in her capacity as the Head of the Libyan National Committee for Human Rights and Committee of Libyan Prisoners Abroad – said she would leave no stone unturned to protect the rights and interests of Libyans inside and outside the country.


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