Kubis at Security Council: All Libyans are calling for departure of mercenaries

Speaking during a UN Security Council briefing via video conference , Jan Kubis, said that all Libyans and Libyan authorities are calling for mercenaries and foreign forces to leave the country.

Kubis added on Wednesday that it was essential that displaced people continued to return home and for the general elections to take place.

The UN envoy indicated that “it is critical to have confirmed and clear legal and constitutional frameworks for the presidential and parliamentary elections.”

“There is broad and strong support in Libya for holding inclusive elections on December 24, which should remain a key  focus for the new interim executive authority and state institutions.” Kubis told the Security Council.

Kubis indicated that the withdrawal of mercenaries and foreign forces from Libya will go a long way in reconstituting the unity and sovereignty of the country and healing the deep wounds caused by many years of  internal strife, active conflict and foreign interference.

“Libyans from all stripes and  across the political spectrum are vehemently calling for all mercenaries and foreign  forces to leave the country – a call supported by the Libyan authorities and institutions.” He remarked.

On the coastal road between eastern region and Misrata, Kubis said the 5+5 Joint Military Commission had agreed to open it in two weeks’ time. The reopening of the coastal road remains a critical step for the steady and sustainable implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement.


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