Le Drian: France optimistic that peace could be achieved in Libya

The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said the ceasefire and deal to reopen oil production in Libya as well as the comprehensive Libyan dialogue to be held in Tunisia are three factors in favor of achieving peace in the country.

Le Drian told the French Senate that for those three factors to be successful in Libya, neighboring countries should weigh in, calling on the warring parties in Libya to consolidate a lasting ceasefire as there is no fighting in Sirte and Jufra anymore.

The French Foreign Minister said the lifting of blockade on oil production and exports in Libya was very positive, knowing – he said – that the oil sector would be run in a transparent manner away from funding armed factions.

Le Drian also said his visit to Tunisia Wednesday and Thursday would be discussing methods to help organize Libyan elections and ratify its constitution.


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