Le Monde: France to push Haftar to end oil blockade, help distribute revenue outside Central Bank

The French newspaper Le Monde said Paris strategy aims at widening the emerging distance between Haftar and Moscow, adding that the Elysee is also pushing for a compromise on hydrocarbons so it would be for Khalifa Haftar to lift the blocking of the terminals of Cyrenaica in eastern Libya in exchange for a more egalitarian distribution oil revenues between Libyan regions, without going through the Central Bank of Tripoli, before considering the overhaul of this institution, in the long term. 

However, the French newspaper added that, for Haftar to keep his promises for the long run, it would not be helpful for the French strategy, adding that now, time is up.

Le Monde said Haftar was welcomed in Paris with low profile and low hopes as his visit on Monday wasn’t on schedule, adding that the Elysee told reporters after the end of the meeting about Haftar’s agreement to sign the ceasefire on the condition that the Government of National Accord respects it.

“Haftar’s visit to Paris is part of the planned revival of Berlin conference conclusions that were adopted on January 19.” Le Monde added, saying Haftar is now fighting with the assistance of the UAE and Russia, theough the paramilitary private firm Wagner Group.

According to Le Monde, since Haftar’s rejection to sign the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement in Moscow on January 13, he has been abandoned by the Russians on the frontlines.

Le Monde said Haftar had flown to Berlin to meet with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday.


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