Le Monde: Syrians – mainly Druze – have been fighting for Haftar in Libya since 2018

The Syrian regime and the Libyan Interim Government – eastern parallel government of Abdullah Al-Thini backed by Khalifa Haftar – are now regaining diplomatic ties to form a new axis out of the shared rejection to Turkey, according to Le Monde.

The French journal said Wednesday, reporting an independent military expert, that the flights between Syria and Benghazi had jumped from one a month on average to two flights a week, adding that the two lines are between Latakia and Damascus in Syria and Benghazi in eastern Libya.

Le Monde reported a close source to Russian Wagner Group as saying that recruiting Syrian mercenaries by Haftar started in 2018, as 1500 well trained fighters from Syrian commandos arrived in Benghazi in coordination with Syrian Security Chief, Ali Mamlouk.

“Most Syrian fighters fighting for Haftar come from Ghouta province in Damascus suburbs and from As Suwayda, which is mainly a Druze city.” Le Monde added.

According to the sources of the French journal, the Syrian fighters are getting paid by Haftar’s militias between 800 and 1500 US dollars.


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