Libya accuses Arab League of double standards, condemns calling Turkey’ support as intervention

The Libyan delegation at the Arab League has rejected the description of Turkey’s support for the Government of National Accord (GNA) as a foreign intervention, expressing reservations about its resolutions and statements on the Libyan conflict.

Libya’s delegation expressed bewilderment at the double standards policy of the Arab League in dealing with foreign interventions in Arab countries, especially in Libya, where it named a legal ally to the GNA – Turkey – and excluded the real illegal foreign interventions.

The Libyan delegation also rejected the use of Arab League its platform to set political scores of some countries against others.

“We are against this description of the legitimate ally of the Libyan Government of National Accord; Turkey, as they both have signed MoUs in public.” The delegation said.

It added that the Arab League isn’t paying attention, intentionally, to the illegitimate and illegal interventions, or even direct assaults, of some Arab and foreign countries in Libya, referring to airstrikes on civilian and government locations, killing and injuring many Libyans.


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