Libya apprehends Somalian notorious human trafficker and organ trader

The Libyan Public Prosecutor said Brigade 444 had managed to arrest a Somalian national, Hassan Gaidi, who is wanted for leading a human trafficking network.

The Public Prosecutor’s office said Gaidi had been involved in killing tens of illegal immigrants for organ trade, and he is responsible for rape under threat as well as torturing immigrants and extorting them by asking their families for ransoms.

The Libyan Attorney General, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, called for providing the necessary assistance to the kidnapped immigrants and to listen to their testimonies against the organization that was run by the Somalian human trafficker in order to hold the evidence against him in court.

Al-Sour also called for pursuing legal action against all the members of the human trafficking, organ trade and smuggling organization of Gaidi inside and outside Libya through international cooperation.


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