Libya condemns attack on its embassy in Sudan

The Libyan Foreign Ministry condemned on Tuesday the storming of the Libyan embassy building in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum, and the looting of its belongings, renewing its condemnation of the repeated attacks on the headquarters of some diplomatic missions of a number of countries in Khartoum.

“This storming is a violation of the Vienna Agreement on Diplomatic Relations and all laws and customs regulating diplomatic work among countries. The laws stipulate the need to provide protection for embassies and diplomatic missions. We deeply regret such actions,” the Ministry added.

It called on the warring parties in Sudan to renounce violence and fighting and to show a sense of responsibility for the unity of Sudan, and to protect diplomatic missions and their headquarters.

The Foreign Ministry stressed that it was keen on the stability of Sudan and its people, giving priority to resolving problems and disputes through dialogue and peaceful means.

The Foreign Ministry said a few days ago that the Libyan Military Attaché building in Khartoum had been subjected to an armed attack, pointing out that members of the Libyan diplomatic mission had previously been evacuated from the headquarters in the Sudanese capital and returned to Libya.

A number of headquarters of diplomatic missions of different countries in Sudan were stormed after the outbreak of clashes between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces in mid-April.


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