Libya has sufficient solar power for potentially huge electricity exports

The Libyan Minister of Oil and Gas in the, Mohammed Oun, said that Libya has sufficient solar energy to export “huge amounts of electricity to other countries”.

During his participation via videoconference in the Global Summit on Energy Security in India, Oun stressed that the transition to clean energies should not take place at the expense of the African continent, especially since “more than half of the continent’s population haven’t seen electricity in their lives.

He said those people have the right to a decent life and to exploit their nations’ resources before switching to clean energies, reaffirming the start of projects to generate electricity from solar energy in Libya, adding that Libya has ambitious projects in various fields of energy.

Oun also explained that his Ministry was hoping to work with partners on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, especially since Libya “exports most of its production of crude oil as well as quantities of natural gas to contribute to alleviating the global crisis.”

Oun expected that the future of Libya would be promising, whether in oil or other resources, calling on friendly countries to invest in Libya as well as for the return of companies that left due to force majeure measures after 2011.


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