Libya, Italy sign cooperation agreements in green technology and energy

Italy has relaunched industrial cooperation with Libya by focusing on energy, critical raw materials and green technology, Italian media has reported. Nova news agency said that during the visit to Tripoli by the Minister of Enterprises and Made in Italy (Mimit), Adolfo Urso and as part of the Meloni government’s Mattei Plan for the development of Africa, Italy signed an ambitious joint declaration with the Minister of Industry and Minerals of the Government of National Unity, Ahmed Ali Abu Hisa.

Urso said in a statement to Nova Agency that they had signed an agreement regarding critical raw materials fundamental to creating digital and green technologies, the digital and the sustainable economies for which Italy is particularly committed to providing Europe itself with the technology necessary for the dual environmental and digital transition.

According to Nova, Italy is Libya’s largest trading partner, with trade of 9,067 billion euros in 2023, ahead of China, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Spain and France. Italy is also Libya’s third largest supplier, with 1,7 billion euros, behind China and Turkey, but it is the first European export partner ahead of Greece, Germany, Spain and France.


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