Libya Stabilization Conference: Attempt to limit foreign interference

The final statement of Libya Stabilization Conference has reiterated the country’s sovereignty, unity and independence, and rejected foreign intervention, condemning UN Security Council arms embargo violations that aim to destabilize Libya.

The final statement, according to the Libyan Foreign Ministry, stressed commitment to Security Council resolutions, especially 1970, 2570 and 2571, in addition to Berlin I and II Conferences’ conclusions and the roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

It expressed appreciation for the essential role of the UN in support stability in Libya, along with the efforts of the African Union, Arab League, the European Union, and neighboring countries in that regard.

“Trust building is important to create the necessary environment for national fair, and transparent elections on December 24, 2021.” The statement reads, adding that state building and stability are tied to ending conflicts so that all Libyans can coexist peacefully.

The statement also said that the Libyan government is leading international efforts to end the Libyan crisis and that the launching of Libya Stability Initiative is part of those efforts.

It indicated that the government supports the work of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission to fully implement the ceasefire agreement and the action plan approved on 8 October, 2021.

“Libyan authorities respect their commitments to the international community, respect the International Humanitarian Law, and International Law for Human Rights. They also are cooperating with the Fact-Finding Mission of the Human Rights Council.” The statement adds.

The statement applauded the return of foreign embassies to work from inside Libya’s capital, Tripoli, urging the rest of states to resume work from the capital.


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