Libya takes measures to return nationals from Tunisia over Coronavirus concerns

Libya’s embassy in Tunisia has instructed its nationals living the country, especially those in the south of Tunisia, to head to hotels in Djerba city to be accommodated for completion of precautionary measures.

The measures include doing PCR tests for all Libyans willing to return home from Tunisian at the specified hotels at the expense of the Libyan government, according to a statement by the embassy.

The embassy said that those have negative PCR test results will be returned to Libya and those who have positive results of Covid-19 infection will remain at the hotels at the expense of the Libyan government until completion of isolation and new PCR results prove they have negative Coronavirus infection, then they can be returned home.

The Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, instructed Saturday border authorities to enable Libyans stranded on the Tunisian side, especially those who were returning with bodies of their family members, to return home.

This came after footage of Libyans was circulated on social media as they appealed to authorities to let them in through the temporarily closed Ras Ajdir border with Tunisia.

Menfi informed the Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Intelligence Chief about providing assistance to the stranded Libyans and allow them in with utmost precautions regarding Coronavirus, which spreading fast in neighboring Tunisia.


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