Libya: Tens of bodies in over 10 mass graves unearthed in Haftar-departed districts

The Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) and its Justice Ministry as well as the Director General of the Field Medicine Center and the Deputy Public Prosecutor have all documented over 10 mass graves in Tarhouna and Souq Al-Khamis Emsehel, where Khalifa Haftar’s militias were in control for months.

According to the Field Medicine Center, the locations of all the unearthed mass graves had been pinned down and no-entry signs had been placed to keep the people away from them so the bodies and remains of people can be retrieved.

According to the GNA, Haftar’s mass graves in Tarhouna and its surroundings included a discovery on June 5 of 106 bodies, including for children and women, found with marks of torture inside the morgue of Tarhouna Hospital.

on June 8, dozens of bodies found in Tarhouna Hospital tossed in corridors and offices, while five decomposed bodies recovered from a well at a depth of about 45 meters in Al-Awata area between Tarhouna and Souq Al-Khamis Emsehel.

The GNA also said that on June 10, a container was found near Qasir Benghashir filled with burned bodies and a mass grave was found containing the remains of at least 10 bodies on the farm of Al-Haroda family in Tarhouna.

The Authority for Tracing the Missin of the GNA said that on June 11, a mass grave was found at the headquarters of the General Directorate of Central Security containing the remains of 3 bodies.


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