Libyan Air Force conducts airstrikes on Haftar’s militias in Al-Asaba town

The spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said Libyan Air Force warplanes have targeted three military vehicles in the vicinity of Al-Asaba town.

Gununu said Monday that orders had been given to the Libyan Army forces to eliminate the rebel militias and end their presence without any mercy.

The spokesman added that the GNA’s policy is to start with political and social solutions and if they failed, it resorts to using force after all peaceful solutions are finished.

This morning, the mayor of Al-Asaba town Saad Al-Shirtaa told Libya Alahrar TV that clashes broke out in the town, criticizing “sleepy GNA” amid speedy military developments.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Gharyan Protection Force Motaz Shanbar confirmed that Khalifa Haftar’s militias had retaken control of Al-Asaba town, adding that they seized as well control of Ghout al-Reeh checkpoint in northeast Gharyan.


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