Libyan Army declares Abu Kammash to Ras Ajdair military zone

The Assistant Chief of the General Staff of the the Libyan Army, Salah Al-Namroush, has issued instructions to military forces to prevent the passing of any undesignated armed vehicles toward Ras Ajdair border with Tunisia after announcing the area from Abu Kammash to Ras Ajdair a military zone.

The West Coast Military Zone’s media office said Al-Namroush had stressed the need to hold accountable anyone responsible for violations of the Libyan Army’s instructions, saying that the battalions assigned by the General Staff of the Libyan Army were stationed at the entrances and exits of Abu Kammash.

This development comes after postponing the reopening of the border crossing with Tunisia three times in a row due to tensions in the nearby areas.

Zuwara city has witnessed this week armed clashes following the entry of a military force from outside of the city, according to the correspondent of Libya Al-Ahrar TV.


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