Libyan dialogue parties in Cairo agree to end transitional phase

The delegations of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) and the High Council of State (HCS) who are meeting in Cairo have agreed to end the transitional phase in Libya and start preparations for a permanent governance.

The two delegations said in their final statement that they had discussed holding constitutional referendum and urged the UNSMIL to facilitate an agreement that ensures holding constitutional arrangements that allow activating a comprehensive political agreement.

The Two delegations also expressed their desire to hold a second talks round in Cairo, Egypt. They said they wanted to continue discussion about the constitutional arrangements.

The first round of the Cairo talks between the delegations of the HCs and the HoR ended late on Tuesday. They started discussing the constitutional track on Sunday, according to the UNMSIL.

These Cairo talks under the auspices of the UNSMIL come after the HCS and HoR delegations have reached understandings in Bouznika, Morocco, regarding the selection of occupants of Libyan state sovereign positions.


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