Libyan female lawyer murdered on the street after her verbal criticism of Haftar

A Libyan lawyer, Hanan Al-Burasi, was murdered by gunmen in Benghazi in eastern Libya Tuesday morning as she was getting out of her car on Street 20.

Al-Burasi was murdered just after she appeared in a video on social media criticizing Khalifa Haftar and his sons as well as his militias’ crimes and lawlessness in Benghazi and in eastern Libya in general.

Libya Alahrar sources said the gunmen were in three cars and then they were seen getting out of the cars and shooting Al-Burasi on the busy Benghazi Street 20.

Social media circulated footage showing the killed lawyer on the street covered with blue sheet in the middle of the crowded street in Libya’s Benghazi.

Al-Burasi appeared on social media before being murdered and criticized the lack of security and safety in Benghazi, saying the militias under Haftar’s command had been harassing women, and that they did the same to her daughter trying to intimidate her.

She also said in her live videos that she was against Haftar passing on authorities to his sons like Saddam and Khalid in Benghazi and eastern region in general.

Meanwhile, the Libya affairs researcher at Human Rights Watch Hanan Saleh said the murder of Al-Burasi was a heinous and senseless crime and reminds of other crimes for which no one has been punished in Libya.

The lawyer also said in her videos that Haftar’s militias had been committing rape and sexual abuse crimes against women in Benghazi, showing some of the girls who spoke about being raped by Haftar’s loyalists, including militiamen at the Criminal Investigation Department in Benghazi.


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