Libyan Foreign Ministry documenting evidence of arms embargo violations at Al-Watiya airbase

The spokesman for the Libyan Foreign Ministry Mohammed Al-Giblawi has told Libya Alahrar TV that they are documenting evidence of UN aems embargo violations at Al-Watiya airbase, especially the Russian Pantsir Anti-Aircraft System that was given to Khalifa Haftar’s militias by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), to bring the violators to international justice.

Al-Giblawi explained Monday, following the liberation of Al-Watiya airbase, said the Foreign Ministry had been in contact with Defense Ministry and Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation leaders to document the military equipment found in Al-Watiya airbase and then send a report to the UN Security Council to sanction the countries supporting Haftar.

“We have informed the Libyan representative at the International Criminal Court to file a lawsuit against the UAE as it took part in the bloodshed in Libya by supporting Haftar with aircraft, military equipment and mercenaries. We have been documenting evidence since the start of Haftar’s aggression on Tripoli in coordination with the Defense and Interior Ministries as well as the military operations rooms.” He explained.

Al-Giblawi said GNA diplomacy managed to distance France from Haftar’s support after finding the US Javelin missiles in Gharyan last year, adding that documenting evidence of arms embargo violations will be in the best interest of the GNA as it will embarrass Haftar’s supporters, especially UAE, Egypt and Jordan.


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