Libyan HoR Speaker accuses Head of Presidential Council of orchestrating burning of parliament

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, has threatened those who carried out acts of vandalism and damage at the HoR headquarters in Tobruk of legal prosecution, stressing that no one will escape justice “until public and private deterrence is achieved,” he said in an interview with al-Mostakbal TV Channel.

The HoR Speaker said that there is “a suspicion that the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohammed Menfi, and his brother, Sami Menfi, are involved in what happened to the HoR headquarters,” adding that investigations will reveal everything.

Saleh reiterated that the security authorities would probe the acts of vandalism, and that the Public Prosecutor, would be supervising and follow-up details on the case of storming the HoR headquarters, indicating that some people had been arrested and investigations were underway with them.

Accusing supporters of the Gaddafi regime of being involved in the vandalism that targeted the HoR headquarters, Saleh said that it was the HoR that issued the law of public amnesty and the abolition of political isolation law, saying the HoR “does not deserve this behavior on their part”.

On the other hand, Saleh said that setting the HoR headquarters on fire was intentional and directly targeted the legislative institution, adding that directing the protesters to the HoR headquarters was done purposefully by internal and external parties.

Protesters in the city of Tobruk in eastern Libya took to the streets last Friday and headed toward the headquarters of the HoR to demand all HoR members and Speaker step down after their failure to reach consensus on the political future of Libya.

The protesters first set tires on fire outside the HoR headquarters but later on, they stormed the building and set fire to parts of it amid chants against the HoR and its policies that they said had led to the terrible living conditions of all Libyans.

Source: Al-Mostakbal TV Interview + Libya Alahrar


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