Libyan HoR Speaker rescinds three decisions made on June 26

The Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, has instructed in an internal letter the HoR committees to rescind three decisions made during the June 26 session.

The revoked decisions were: “Selecting a chairman and members of a Constitutional Court, and replacing the head of Administrative Control Authority and the head of the National Planning Council.”

The letter clarified that the decision to rescind the June 26 resolutions was prompted by the rejection of a major number of HoR members.

The spokesman for the HoR, Abdullah Blehiq, announced on June 26 that the HoR had unanimously voted for the selection of a chairman and members of the Constitutional Court, in addition to naming Khalid Al-Mabrouk as the new head of the Administrative Control Authority.

The HoR spokesman said at the time that the HoR members also voted for naming Ahmed Abridan as the new head of the National Planning Council.


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