Libyan Interior Ministry reviews anti-Coronavirus measures

The Libyan Interior Ministry has held a meeting to discuss the precautions and preventive measures to be implemented in the country to avoid registering any Coronavirus cases.

The meeting on Sunday saw agreement on shutting air and land borders but keeping sea borders for the goods’ imports not for travelers, saying anyone coming to Libya via the borders is going to put for medical check procedures.

According to Interior Ministry’s media office, the ministry is also stopping issuing visas for foreigners and shutting down gathering spaces, events, amusement parks and cafes in coordination with the municipal guards.

The meeting was part of the measures taken by the Presidential Council, which instructed the Interior Ministry to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in this regard.

The meeting on Sunday was chaired by the Deputy Minister of Interior Khalid Mazen in the presence of his security assistance and several other officials at the ministry.


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