Libyan joint military commission agrees on details for mercenaries’ withdrawal

The member of the Libyan 5+5 joint military commission of the Government of National Accord Brigadier General Mukhtar Al-Nagasa said they had agreed on reopening and securing the coastal road as well as withdrawing mercenaries and foreign fighters.

Al-Nagasa told Libya Alahrar TV on Thursday that withdrawing foreign mercenaries will be near the road with depth of 5 km to Benghazi and Tripoli as the first phase.

The Brigadier General said the second phase of the agreement says the foreign fighters and mercenaries will be sent to Tripoli and Benghazi from the contact lines.

He explained that the contact lines from which the mercenaries and foreign fighters will be pulled out are from south Soukna to Abu Grein in the west up to Ben Jawad in the east.

The Brigadier General also said that the military commission had formed committees tasked with supervising the departure of mercenaries and that they had started planning their work already.


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