Libyan PM: Parliament is impeding Unity Government’s tasks

The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul-Hamid Dbeibah, said in a televised speech on Friday that the House of Representatives (HoR) has been continuously hindering the work of the Government of National Unity (GNU) based on untrue and misleading reasons.

The speech by Dbeibah was aimed at “bringing back development for Libyans in the last quarter of 2021”. He said committees were formed to amend the budget bill but the HoR protracted the process for four months and obliged the GNU to use other sources of funding for small projects for Libyans.


Dbeibah said general elections will be held as scheduled on December 24 this year, adding that the GNU can get the job done as per the roadmap of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum.

“There’s no place in Libya’s future for all those who have and will impede the democratic process of elections in Libya. there’s no place as well for all those who still believe in war as a solution for the Libyan crisis.” Dbeibah added.

“Those who shoulder weapons outside the law and military institution are vulgar and have no place in Libya. They aim to wage war and attack cities of their own country to reach power.” He reiterated.


The Libyan PM indicated that the project his government is leading (Return of Life) is an old one that dates back 10 years, saying they are now reviving it to cover all of Libya. He said the project includes all types of needed development in Libya.

Dbeibah said the problem of electricity outages will be solved by the end of 2021, adding that over the last 10 years, there were no funds for upgrading the electricity sector and that the HoR’s protraction of approving the budget for 2021 led to the delay of the GNU’s solutions in the electricity sector by three months.


The Libyan Prime Minister remarked that there will be a vaccination center in Sabha in a week or 10 days to serve the city and the southern region, adding that over three million Libyans have now been vaccinated and that Libya has brought oxygen supplies from Algeria and Egypt for the patients in extensive care units, while 17 factories are immediately working to cover the need for oxygen across the country.


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