Libyan political dialogue’s advisory committee convenes in Geneva

The UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) convened Wednesday the first meeting for the Advisory Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Geneva.

The meeting in Geneva was the first one in a series of discussions that would continue on January 13-16, as participants from different Libyan regions and ages as well as with women participants, would try to end the stalemate of selecting a mechanism for choosing a new executive authority in Libya.

The Acting Head of the UNSMIL, Stephanie Williams, said in her opening statement in Geneva that much had been achieved in the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum meetings in Tunis and online, adding that most importantly, the participants set a date for national elections, which should take place in 344 days from now.

“This unwavering achievement, this date to return the sovereign decision to its rightful owners, is our top priority.” The UN Acting Envoy added.

Williams indicated that the Advisory Committee was form to come up with recommendations about the formation of an interim, unified executive authority that would shoulder the responsibility in a participatory manner and not on the basis of power-sharing, as some believed.

“We want a Libyan-made solution, not a solution imposed from the outside. During this meeting, we will not discuss the names of candidates for leadership positions in the unified executive authority, and I will not accept that the Mission plays any role in naming the executive authority as promoted by some.” Williams explained.

She said that the selection of a new executive authority is a Libyan decision; a Libyan-Libyan solution, and a purely Libyan solution, urging the Advisory Committee to come up with creative recommendations to be presented to  the LPDF for consensus.


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