Libyan rivals reach permanent ceasefire agreement in Geneva

The delegations of the 5+5 Joint Military Committee, on behalf of the Libyan Army of the Government of National Accord and Khalifa Haftar’s militias of a complete and permanent ceasefire agreement.

The agreement was facilitated by the United Nations, on the basis of Security Council resolutions 2510 (2020) and 2542 (2020), and Berlin Conference outcomes and is the result of four rounds of negotiations held since February 2020.  

The 5+5 JMC met face to face for the first time from 19- 23 October 2020. As a result of this process, the parties agreed that, within a maximum period of three months,  all military units and armed groups on the frontlines shall return to their camps and that all mercenaries and foreign fighters shall depart from all Libyan territories — land, air and sea.

“The ceasefire does not apply to UN-designated terrorist groups.” The agreement states, adding that all military agreements on training inside Libya shall be suspended and training crews shall leave Libya’s territory, with immediate effect and until the new unified government assumes its functions.

The agreement establishes a Security and Operations Room which shall propose and implement special security arrangements to secure the areas cleared of military units and armed groups.

It also foresees the establishment of a limited military force of regular military personnel under the Security and Operations Room to deter violations of the ceasefire.

The parties agreed, with support and participation of the United Nations, to immediately start the identification and categorization of all armed groups and entities on the entire Libyan territory, whether integrated into state institutions or not. 

A mechanism and conditions shall be developed to ensure reintegration, on an individual basis, of their members into state institutions.

Through the Agreement, the parties reconfirmed their commitment to implement the confidence building measures agreed earlier this week with regard to the full opening of land and air routes throughout Libya; as well as measures to curb hate speech and incitement to violence by media and social media platforms; to facilitate the exchange of detainees and to develop a proposal for the restructuring of the Petroleum Facilities Guards.

The agreement foresees the establishment of a mechanism to monitor, jointly with UNSMIL, the implementation of the Ceasefire Agreement.

The parties requested UNSMIL to forward the Ceasefire Agreement to the Security Council and to request the Council to adopt a resolution to ensure compliance of all internal and external parties with this permanent countrywide ceasefire.

UNSMIL will reconvene the 5+5 JMC in the coming days to support the implementation of the Agreement and to launch the work of the sub-committees to address DDR, security arrangements, and counter-terrorism cooperation, in addition to a national effort aimed at unification of the armed forces. 


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