Libyans take to streets demanding all political bodies step down

Libyans have taken to streets in different cities, including Tripoli, Misrata, Tobruk and Al-Bayda – in east, center and west Libya – in protest of the current terrible living conditions and demand of the resignation and departure of all current political bodies across the country.

Tobruk on Fire

Protesters in the city of Tobruk in eastern Libya took to the streets and headed toward the headquarters of the House of Representatives (HoR) to demand all HoR members and Speaker step down after their failure to reach consensus on the political future of Libya.

The protesters first set tires on fire outside the HoR headquarters but later on, they broke into the building and set fire to parts of it amid chants against the HoR and its policies that they said had led to the terrible living conditions of all Libyans.

Tripoli Rage

Protesters in Tripoli first held a demonstration of rejection for the current bad living conditions at the Martyrs Square. They called on all the current political bodies to step down and allow Libyans to go to elections to choose their leadership.

Afterwards, protesters moved to Tariq Al-Sikka, where the Government of National Unity is headquartered, and demanded the government step down and allow Libyans to carry out a democratic vote.

Protesters also went to Al-Bifi Road and gathered there demanding the departure of all current political bodies and rejected the ongoing political inflexibility and impasse that is created by the elite politicians.

Misrata Demands

Misrata protesters called on both the current Government of National Unity and the Fathi Bashagha Government that is approved by the HoR to step down in addition to all other expired political bodies such as the HoR and the High Council of State (HCS).

The protesters took to the streets near the municipality building and demanded elections be held as soon as possible.


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