Libya’s ambassador to the UN tells Security Council: UAE, France violated arms embargo

The Libyan ambassador to the Security Council, Taher El Sonni, has lashed out at the UAE, saying it violated Security Council resolutions 11 times in Libya by backing up Khalifa Haftar’s militias with armored vehicles, air defense system and drones.

El Sonni told Security Council member states that the ongoing aggression on Tripoli is another chapter of the chaos that some foreign countries aim to create in Libya.

“We haven’t heard any condemnation from the Security Council of the crimes of the leader of the aggression on Tripoli despite being documented by the Secretary General.” He added.

El Sonni also said that Libya understands Egypt’s keenness on securing its borders, adding that this doesn’t justify for Cairo’s intervention in Libya’s internal affairs and for its support for a coup party.

El Sonni also responded to France’s ambassador to the UN by saying that Paris had been named in UN reports as a violator of the arms embargo in Libya, especially by providing Haftar with Javelin missiles, telling the French ambassador: “Did France get a permission from the Security Council to give Haftar Javelin missiles?”


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