Libya’s Attorney General cracks down on financial corruption

The Libyan Attorney General’s Office has been heavily involved in inspection campaigns against all sorts of corruption and misdeeds in state and public institutions across the country, ordering all the way through a number of critical arrests of several officials and diplomats all for charges related to mishandling public funds and financial corruption.

The Office of the Attorney General has most recently ordered the arrest of the manager of National Commercial Bank branch in Al-Aziziyah district, in addition to a number of staff members. They were all remanded pending further investigations.

The main charges against the bank manager and staffers were the fact that they had embezzled 558.000 Libyan dinars from 40 clients’ bank accounts using counterfeit bank checks and then cashing the money out internally from their branch.

Last week, the Attorney General’s Office ordered the imprisonment of the financial supervisor at the Libyan embassy in South Africa and summoned the current Head of diplomatic mission for “damage to public funds” and “getting foreign currency illegally”.


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