Libya’s Constitution Drafting Assembly rejects LPDF’s Legal Committee proposal

The Libyan Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) has rejected the constitutional basis proposal of the Legal Committee of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum that asks for forming a joint committee to study the Legal Committee’s objections to the constitution draft.

The CDA added in a statement that the members of the Legal Committee of the LPDF are just civilians who have been picked by the UNSMIL to represent the legal part of the LPDF and cannot decide on the constitution draft of the CDA that has been devised by legal experts elected by the Libyan people.

“The Libyan people are the only ones entitled – as a whole – to say yes or no to the constitution draft via an official referendum, but the members of the LPDF or its Legal Committee aren’t in the position of commenting legally or otherwise on the CDA’s constitution draft.” The statement reads.


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