Libya’s Defense Minister vows to create secure environment for elections

The Libyan Defense Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Salah Al-Namroush, who is running for the Presidential Council of the new interim government in Libya, said he would work on creating a safe and secure environment for general elections to be held on December 24, 2021, in cooperation with local and international parties.

Answering questions at the UN-led Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) in Geneva on Monday, Al-Namroush, vowed to execute all the outcomes of the LPDF, adding that he is still in contact with the International Criminal Court to bring all the people behind war crimes to justice, vowing to follow the orders of the law regarding the return of the displaced people to their houses and cities.

“I’m a moderate Muslim. I reject extremism in religion and all kinds of radicalism. We will work as part of the 5+5 joint military commission to keep high-ranking military positions away from regional and tribal quota, which was the norm of the transitional periods since 2011.” Al-Namroush said.

He promised that the new interim government won’t adopt regional and geographical or tribal quota approaches, adding that the judiciary shall later be the judge for the cases of the arbitrarily-held detainees.

The UN Support Mission in Libya kick-started Monday the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum talks in Geneva to carry out voting for the three members of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister’s positions in the new executive authority before elections on December 24 this year.

The first round of talks started this morning with an opening statement by the UN acting envoy, Stephanie Williams, who said the Presidential Council and Prime Minister positions’ candidates represent all Libyan social components.

Williams said selecting a new executive authority isn’t a form of election but a chance to practice democracy ahead of it.

Candidates of the Presidential Council positions were picked first for questions about their vision for the interim period ahead of elections.


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