Libya’s election law endorsed by 6+6 committee ahead of anticipated vote by end of 2023

The 6+6 Joint Committee, which contains six members of the House of Representatives (HoR) and six of the High Council of State (HCS) and tasked with reaching an agreement on devising an electoral law to hold the vote by the end of 2023, announced after midnight reaching an agreement regarding all articles of the electoral law and thus putting it in force for the relevant authorities.

The announcement came in a joint presser late on Tuesday by the two heads of the committee, Jalal Al-Shuwehdi from the HoR and Omar Bulifa from the HCS. The Speaker of the HoR Aqila Saleh and the Head of the HCS Khalid Al-Mishri didn’t attend the presser despite being in Morocco since Tuesday morning and before the law was approved.

Bulifa said the law would allow all Libyans, without exception, to run for presidential elections, which signalled that the controversy over the dual nationals running for elections had been settled. He said now the law must be enacted by the HoR for it to be abiding for the election process.

Commenting on the law, the Head of the HCS said he hoped for more understanding to take place among the members of the 6+6 committee regarding some articles of the law, despite the fact that the 13th constitutional amendment makes the 6+6 committee’s outcomes abiding.


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