Libya’s food security policies should be revised, FAO says

The Assistant General Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), Abdelhakim Al-Waer, has stressed the need to revise the policies of the Libyan food security amid the current challenges in the country.
Al-Waer attended a meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister, Hussein Al-Gotrani, as part of the meetings between the Libyan Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and FAO in Cairo.

The Ministry said the meeting saw a discussion of FAO’s role in rural development and food security in Libya, in addition to reactivating the unilateral development fund and the scientific and technical cooperation agreement between the Ministry and FAO.

The United Nations’ agencies concerned with food security in Libya consist of UNICEF, the World Food Program and FAO. A meeting will be held in Tunisia on June 26 to discuss the framework for the food security strategy and to support the United Nations Food Security Task Force.


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