Libya’s Foreign Ministry deplores giving embassy HQ in Syria to pro-Haftar parallel government

The Libyan Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned giving the headquarters of Libya’s embassy in Damascus to the parallel government by the Syrian regime.

The Foreign Ministry also remarked that it would take all legal measures to stop this act as it goes against all international laws and norms.

Libya’s Foreign Ministry also said on Wednesday that Syria’s act was against tye UN Security Council resolutions, adding that it was an infringement of the Libyan state’s rights as well as sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Libya’s Foreign Ministry called on the UN Security Council and Sanctions Commission to take the needed measures to stop this mess made by Syria and the parallel government.

A delegation from the parallel government in eastern Libya, backed by Haftar’s militias, visited Damascus this week and met with Syrian president. During the visit, the Syrian regime announced regaining diplomatic relations with the Libyan parallel government, reopening Libya’s embassy in Damascus and handing it to an illegitimate government.


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