Libya’s Foreign Ministry joins Sudan in condemning UAE’s ruse against Sudanese nationals

The Libyan Foreign Ministry has said in a statement that the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) sending of Sudanese nationals to back up Khalifa Haftar’s militias in Libya is a crime of extortion of the needs of those young men.

Call for Action

The Libyan Foreign Ministry called in a statement on Tuesday on the UNSMIL, Security Council, and sponsors of the Berlin conference to take the necessary measures to probe the military involvement of Abu Dhabi in Libya.

“There has been no doubt ever that the UAE was neck-deep in the military operations killing Libyans and in all efforts to fail the political settlement in the country.” The statement reads.

The Libyan Foreign Ministry hailed Sudan’s keenness on avoiding any type of extortion of its nationals and involving them in military operations in Libya, offering to cooperate with Sudan to tackle the needs of the Sudanese young men.

Fake UAE-based Firm

The Sudanese Foreign Ministry, on the other hand; explained the details of the procedures by which Abu Dhabi managed to send Sudanese nationals to Libya to guard the oilfields, against their will.

In a statement on Tuesday, it said that an Emirati security firm called “Black Shield” had sent Sudanese nationals to Libya without their approval, knowing that it had contracted them as security guards to work in the UAE in different firms and shopping centers.

Social media activists in Sudan circulated photos for Sudanese nationals arriving at Khartoum airport coming from the UAE, expressing rejection to go fight in Yemen or Libya as ordered by Abu Dhabi.

Protests against UAE in Sudan

Sudanese families and relatives of the young men hired falsely by the Emirati firm protested outside the UAE’s embassy in Khartoum calling for the return of their relatives or sons.

Meanwhile, many Sudanese nationals had confirmed that they were sent to Ras Lanuf oil port to secure the area and fight for Haftar’s militias in return for money to be paid by the UAE, the media office of Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation of the Government of National Accord said.


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