Libya’s Foreign Ministry urges UNSMIL to “spell out the whole truth” about corruption claims

The Libyan Foreign Ministry of the Government of National Accord (GNA) said the acting UN envoy Stephanie Williams was supposed to name things as they are when she talked about the war and attacks as well as foreign mercenaries and arms flow, saying she should have said the name of the party behind the attack on Tripoli in April 2019 when the UN Secretary General was present.

The GNA Foreign Ministry commented on Williams’ statements saying the attack on Tripoli was being planned for years and it was done with the help of many countries, adding that the aggression helped deepen division amid clear foreign support for the conflict militarily, politically and via media.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Ministry reiterated that signing agreements and conventions with other countries is an internal Libyan matter that doesn’t go against the international law, adding that the acting envoy Stephanie Williams should have said the names of those whom she called “corrupt officials” and provided evidence to the judiciary to bring them to justice.

The GNA Foreign Ministry also said that the Head of the Presidential Council was the first to call for forming an international technical committee under the supervision of the UN to review the financial status in the country to achieve transparency.


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