Libya’s GNA airstrikes kill at least 25 fighters from Haftar’s militias and Janjaweed mercenaries

The spokesman for the Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord Mohammed Gununu said Friday that Air Force strikes in Sirte-Jufra operations zone had killed over 25 militia fighters and mercenaries from Janjaweed under the command of Khalifa Haftar.

Gununu said in a press conference that one of the airstrikes hit a gathering of Haftar’s militias in the vicinity of Al-Wishka, in addition to a military vehicle that was destroyed and all fighters onboard were killed.

Gununu said another airstrike targeted the residence of Haftar’s militias in Al-Wishka and an armored vehicle loaded with ammunition with three fighters onboard, including a senior leader at Fawar Emrah.

The Libyan Army spokesman added that other airstrikes hit two military vehicles with eight Janjaweed mercenaries onboard, in addition to a fuel truck at Emrah Reserve area.


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