Libya’s GNA foils attack by Haftar’s militias on Gharyan city

The Mayor of Gharyan Yousif Al-Badri confirmed Monday that Gharyan city has been seeing heavy clashes since the morning as Libyan Army forces under the command of the Government of National Accord thwarted attacks by Khalifa Haftar’s terrorist militias via Ghout Al-Reeh frontline.

Mayor Al-Badri told Libya Alahrar TV on Monday that the attack of Haftar’s militias was accompanied by airstrikes by UAE drones, which struck many locations in and around the city.

The mayor also said that GNA forces had thwarted Haftar militias’ attacks on Gharyan, saying it is now seeing an uneasy calm after the failed advance attempt of Haftar’s terrorist militias.

The spokesman for Gharyan Protection Force Motaz Shanbar told Libya Alahrar TV that Haftar’s attack on Gharyan was facilitated by UAE drones.

He added that ground militias advanced on Ghout Al-Reeh in northeast Gharyan, and GNA allowed them to take that open area, adding that Haftar’s militias are now in Ghout Al-Reeh checkpoint and they make a very easy target for GNA’s Air Force.

He also said that Haftar’s Emirati drones targeted as well Jandouba area with heavy strikes but caused no remarkable damage.


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