Libya’s GNA forces launch offensive against Haftar’s forces in Tarhouna

The Libyan Army under the command of the Government of National Accord has launched new military operation toward Tarhouna city as part of Operation Peace Storm under an air cover by the Air Force.

The Libyan Army forces are advancing on pro-Haftar Tarhouna city as per specific military tactics mapped out by the GNA’s main military operations room, a military source told Libya Alahrar TV on Saturday.

In the meantime, the spokesman for Libya’s Army Mohammed Gununu said in a brief statement on Saturday that GNA forces had destroyed three military vehicles and seized one for Haftar’s militias on their way to advance on Tarhouna.

Gununu also said that the GNA forces had captured four fighters and killed eight others from Haftar’s militias as they advance on Tarhouna city.


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