Libya’s GNA seizes control of Tripoli Airport Road, repels advance attempt by Haftar’s forces

Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) have seized full control of the Airport Road in southern Tripoli after thwarting an infiltration and advance attempt by Khalifa Haftar’s forces, a military official told Libya Al-Ahrar on Friday.

The field commander on Al-Zatarna frontline, Anas Aqoub, told Libya Alahrar TV that GNA forces had repelled advance endeavors of Haftar’s forces on the same frontline, forcing them to retreat.

“Our forces also destroyed one of their military vehicles and managed to stay in position as they are on alert for any attacks by Haftar’s forces.” Aqoub said.

Also on Friday, the spokesman for the Libyan Army, colonel Mohammed Gununu, confirmed that the forces under the command of the GNA had destroyed eight military vehicles, including two Nimr ones from the United Arab of Emirates (UAE) and a tank for Khalifa Haftar’s forces on Al-Khallatat and Airport Road frontlines in southern Tripoli.

Gununu revealed that GNA forces had captured six militia fighters and recovered as many as nine bodies as the clashes raged on between Burkan Al-Ghadab Operation forces and Haftar’s forces.


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