Libya’s High Council of State initially approves roadmap to elections

The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) has announced the approval in principle of a roadmap for elections, noting remarks – and rejections – of some HCS members and saying that the roadmap is to be ratified by the House of Representatives before taking effect.

The roadmap was initially approved by 34 HCS members out of 56 attending ones and included obligations of changing the executive authority – Libyan Government of National Unity and Presidential Council – reviving the work on a permanent constitution, vetting national identification numbers and finalizing the security arrangements for holding elections.

The HoR, the roadmap says, must ratify the decision of the HCS in an official, full-quorum session, so that the two chambers can later form a unified government that is majorly tasked with leading Libya to holding elections 240 days after electoral laws are endorsed.

“If elections cannot be held for any possible reason, the Presidential Council must then be reshuffled in mutual consensus between the HoR and the HCS.” The roadmap reads.

Some HCS members rejected the voting on and the initial approval of the roadmap, citing the fact that the voting process violated the bylaws of the HCS, explaining that the votes in favor of the roadmap weren’t two-thirds of the convened members.


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