Libya’s HoR cancels memberships of 9 MPs, accepts resignation of 4 others

The House of Representatives (HoR) issued Saturday two separate decisions annulling the membership of nine members, and accepting the resignations of four others.

The HoR decided to to remove the membership of Fayez Al-Sarraj, Fathi Bashagha, Ali Al-Gotrani, Mohammed Lino, Ziad Daghim, Saleh Himma, Abdulmuttalib Thabet, Abu Bakr Saeed and Abdulghani Al-Fatisi, and to accept the resignation of Abdullah Al-Lafi, Hamid Houma, Ali Al-Saidi and Khaled Al-Osta.

The HoR Spokesman Abdullah Blehiq told Libya Alahrar TV that the HoR’s decisions to cancel the membership of a number of members came after the HoR had voted in its session in Benghazi in mid-September to end the membership of the MPs who held positions in the state and accept the departure of MPs who submitted their resignations.


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