Libya’s HoR declares Zliten a disaster city

The Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) has declared Zliten city a disaster area due to the current high levels of groundwater and the impact on the houses of the city’s residents.

The HoR called in a session on Monday on its designated government to allocate a budget for tackling the crisis and form an emergency-response committee to be responsible for the ongoing measures in Zliten.

“There should be a rebuilding fund allocated for Zliten city as some houses were damaged by the rising groundwater. We should also endorse an authority for emergencies to be tasked with responding to crises in Libya.” The HoR announced.

HoR members reiterated in the session on Monday the need to evacuate Zliten from all residents due to the amount of rising groundwater, whose source, they said, was unknown.

They also rejected waiting for the appointed teams’ final assessment reports (that extend for two months) and called on the HoR members representing Zliten to give an in-depth report on the status quo.


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