Libya’s HoR Speaker reluctant to replacement

The Speaker of the Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR), Aqila Saleh, said the timing of his replacement and resignation isn’t good, adding that he is “more important than the job”.

Saleh said in a TV interview that his resignation as Speaker of the HoR at this stage wouldn’t be significant and he would rather remain in his post for the sake of Libya’s unity and stability, adding that if he resigned, the country would be plunged into division.

“If there is a vote of non-confidence against one of the MPs, 120 MPs should approve it as per the Libyan constitutional declaration”. He added.

Saleh said there must be two reasons for the replacement of the HoR Presidency: Medical issues backed by medical reports, and hindering or damaging the work of the HoR, a thing that Saleh said he had never done.

“Sabratha and Ghadames HoR sessions are not legal and thus are null and void as per the Libyan constitution. The sessions of the HoR should be convened at the official or temporary headquarters and the Speaker is the only one who can call for a session of confidence vote for the new interim government.” Saleh reiterated.


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