Libya’s HoR Speaker wants to probe ongoing power outage and fuel shortage

The spokesman for the House of Representatives (HoR) Abdullah Blehiq said on Sunday that the Speaker Aqila Saleh had called on the Attorney General, the Chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee in the HoR and the Chairman of the Administrative Control Authority, to open an urgent investigation into the reasons for the continuing power cuts for long hours and the severe shortage of fuel.

In a brief statement, Blehiq said the Speaker of the HoR demanded that the above mentioned authorities assume their responsibilities and refer those responsible for such shortage and outage to the judiciary, urging them to announce the results of the investigations soon to the public.

Libyans have been enduring long hours of power outages coupled with a crippling shortage of fuel as well as scorching temperatures as summer heat is on the rise day in and day out in the North African country.


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