Libya’s HoR to convene in Sirte or Sabratha next week

The members of the Libyan House of Representatives (HoR), who are meeting in Sabratha, have decided to convene on 22 and 23 February and to communicate with the 5+5 Joint Military Commission to ask if they can meet in Sirte instead of the current city of Sabratha.

97 HoR members, more than the required quorum, called in a statement on the presidencies of the Tripoli and Torbuk seats to attend the upcoming session, saying if they didn’t show up, the session would be chaired by the oldest member in age.

The HoR members set 22 and 23 February as a date for convening a full-quorum session to carry out a vote of confidence for the new executive authority and to elect a new presidency – the Speaker being a member representing south Libya – according to the Cairo meetings’ declaration.

“We aim to unify the HoR and regain its united stance on all Libyan, regional and international issues. We call on all members to look for the greater good of the country by attending the upcoming session.” The HoR members added.


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