Libya’s Interior Minister: Countries supporting Haftar have “massively failed”

The Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fathi Bashagha said foreign countries supporting Khalifa Haftar had failed massively after eight months of the offensive against Tripoli.

Marking his one-year anniversary since he took office as Interior Minister, Bashagha said in a televised statement that the efforts to end the aggression on Tripoli are still ongoing until Haftar’s forces returned to their previous positions and parallel authorities are terminated with Haftar and his entourage having no role in state institutions.

“GNA will always stand by those who oppose the aggression on the capital and the entire country, especially in development and economic projects.” Bashagha remarked.

He indicated that the GNA will specify the terms of the security, military and political agreements so that they ensure the internationally recognized government in Libya retains its right to defeat the current offensive against the capital.

“All the signed agreements stem from and are directed for the interests of the state of Libya and its sovereignty; they don’t violate international laws.” Bashagha indicated.


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