Libya’s Interior Minister lashes out at militias, says Intelligence Apparatus is compromised

Libya’s Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha has disclosed that there are some conspirators who have contacted Italian intelligence to coordinate with the UAE’s Libya affairs official Mohammed bin Rashid days before the UAE’s drones hit Misrata and Mitiga Airport.

Bashagha said in a presser in Tripoli on Sunday that the UAE attacked Misrata and Mitiga Airport with 13 airstrikes as per instructions by the conspirators who thought the Government of National Accord (GNA) would be defeated.

Intelligence Compromised!

Bashagha said he sent a letter to the Chief of Intelligence Apparatus asking him for the meeting held in Italy without the knowledge of the Interior Ministry but received no answer as he was under pressure and extortion by militias controlling the apparatus.

He added that the Intelligence Apparatus isn’t reliable anymore as it is under the control of a militia extorting state institutions.

Militias vs. Backup Forces

He added that the Ministry wants to dissolve the organized crime networks and militias that are assaulting police apparatuses all across Libya, indicating that there’s no difference between militias from the east or west of Libya.

Bashagha indicated that the militias he meant were the ones taking advantage of the ongoing efforts to defend Tripoli by assaulting state institutions.

He explained that his Ministry won’t be easy on the militias that take advantage of the security forces, saying there is corruption within the Ministry, calling on the youths at “Nawasi Militia” not to execute the orders of their leaders for kidnapping or torturing innocent people.

Deep-rooted Corruption!
Bashagha added that there’s huge corruption in the administrations of the Interior Ministry and he would continue to fight it without any fears.

He added the state funds should be invested in development and education as well as health and other fields not being exploited by 27-year-old men who sometimes are demanding the state pays them 48 million dinars, saying the debts of the ministry hit 1.2 billion dinars.


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