Libya’s Interior Ministry: International Community’s silence encouraged Haftar to commit more crimes

The Libyan Interior Ministry said Thursday that the silence of the international community toward Khalifa Haftar’s crimes had given him the opportunity to commit more violations of the international law and international humanitarian law.

The Interior Ministry urged, following renewed attacks by Haftar’s terrorist militias on Tripoli residential areas and Central Hospital, the UNSMIL and international community to take up their responsibilities toward the Libyan people by documenting those crimes and bringing the perpetrators to justice.

“All of the attacks on civilians in Tripoli and elsewhere show how those terrorist militias have no humanity left in them as they target innocent people inside their homes or in hospitals or on the roads.” The statement reads.

Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Libyan Health Ministry Fawzi Awnis confirmed that 14 people were injured due to the indiscriminate shelling of Khalifa Haftar’s terrorist militias on the Central Hospital in Tripoli.

The shelling that came in the early hours of Thursday also targeted Tareeq Al-Soor, leaving civilians in panic and destroying a number of their properties.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Minister of Health, Mohammed Haythem, said the damage done to the Central Hospital could lead to its shutdown, which is a massive healthcare problem amid the spread of Coronavirus.

He told Libya Alahrar that his government won’t be silent about the systematic attacks on hospitals by the “aggressors” and that it will urge the do-nothing Security Council to take a firmer stance against this shelling.

The shelling hit different sections of the hospital and nearby clinics, said the Deputy Minister of Health, adding that they condemn such an attack as it goes against all international laws and conventions.


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